College Game Testers - APPLY HERE!

Hello College Student,

Thank you for showing some interest in getting the FREE adult drawing party game Dirty Picture Cover Up & potentially $50! Even though we’re pretty sure you just wanted an excuse to throw a party. Glad we could help!

Here’s what we need from you. Send us an email with your name, your age, and your address so we can send you a brand spanking NEW game of DPCU! Free of charge. Yes we know, that’s amazing. 

Once you get the game, throw a rager and play DPCU! Or maybe you're more of an intimate game night with some of your besties kind of person. Either way, it doesn't matter to us, throw whatever kind of game night you’d like so long as you play DPCU!

Record one or two videos of you and friends playing the game DPCU that we can post on our socials, and in return we’ll send you a $25 Amazon gift card for each video! (2 videos maximum). And that way, you can finally buy that fall candle set you've been eying at Target! See, we’re helping each other out!

Oh, and afterwards once you’ve hopefully cleaned up your place a bit, you can email us back and tell us how it went.

Good luck, and may your Dirty Picture Cover Ups be one of-a-kind masterpieces! Or… a complete shit-show! Either way, get your FREE game of Dirty Picture Cover Up By Clicking Below.

Don’t forget to leave us your info. Have Fun!

Sincerely Yours,

The DPCU Team