Orgy-n Story


Since the dawn of time, most of mankind’s greatest ideas- the wheel, sliced bread, cookie dough ice cream- have been born out of necessity. Dirty Picture Cover Up is no exception.

Back in high school, my friends and I thought it would be funny to sign each other’s year books by drawing the most disgusting, disturbing and detailed dirty pictures our barely post-pubescent minds could imagine. And we were right.

But when it was time to bring those yearbooks home, we realized that we couldn’t let our parents see what kind of truly disturbed children they had, so we did our best to “cover them up” by turning those dirty pictures into something (you guessed it) NOT dirty. We immediately realized that the cover up was even funnier than the original picture. It was from this spark of indecency, shame and deception that the original idea for DPCU was born.

Those same friends and I spent the rest of our formative years wasting most of our classroom time playing DPCU, covertly passing dirty pictures and cover-ups back and forth as Mrs. Heiny droned on about Napoleon’s attack on Ft. Sumner (I don’t know history, I wasted most of my education time playing DPCU).

Years later, DPCU made its way to our “adult” circle of friends and became so popular that we began holding tournaments. The game had taken on a life of it's own. Our group was growing. Friends of my friends starting showing up to play. Then friends of THEIR friends. DPCU was a hit!

We’ve come to realize that it wouldn’t be decent of us to keep all this indecent fun to ourselves, so we’ve decided to share our silly, filthy little game with you. Here it is in all its glory(hole)… Dirty Picture Cover Up. Sorry.. and you’re welcome.

- Bryce Johnson (actor, dpcu creator)