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Let's Play!

So you want to take our game out for a test drive before you buy it huh?! We get it, you’re dirty AND cheap (just like your cousin, Bethany). And that’s why we created a FREE Sample Version for you to try it out. And while this version does not include the actual board game, voting chips or all of the DP (Dirty Picture) and CU (Cover Up) cards, it will give you the general idea on how to play!

So are you ready? First thing you will need to do is grab some pencils and paper for whoever is going to play. We’ll wait.

Got em? Good!

So the OBJECT OF GAME is this: Draw a Dirty Picture based on the suggestion of the DP card. Cover Up that Dirty Picture by turning it into something else (something NOT dirty) based on the theme of the CU card. Get points for the best Dirty Pictures and Cover Ups for each round. The person with the most points wins. Simple…dirty…fun!


Now, here’s How To Play:

ORIGINAL VERSION (3 players or more):

  1. The player with the dirtiest mind will be the JUDGE for the first round. We all know who you are. NOTE: The Judge does not draw or cover up, he/she just… judges.
  2. The Judge CLICKS THE DP CARD RANDOMIZER. On the cards are seemingly harmless phrases that the players will turn into a Dirty Picture using their filthy IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY. The judge then CLICKS THE 60 SECOND TIMER and players get to work. Once the time is up, the players PITCH their dirty drawings to the Judge who chooses a winner and awards a 1 POINT to their favorite Dirty Picture. Players then PASS their dirty drawings to another player to the left / right / or across - Judges choice.
  3. After the Dirty Pictures have been passed, the Judge then CLICKS THE CU CARD RANDOMIZER for the theme on the CU card that players will use to Cover Up the Dirty Pictures they were given. Again, the CU card will give a suggestion but it’s up to the player to decide how to implement that suggestion. The Judge then CLICKS THE 60 SECOND TIMER. Once time is up, the players give their drawings a “Title”, then PITCH their Cover Ups to the Judge who chooses a winner and awards 2 POINTS.
  4. Then it’s on to the next round. After each round, the Judge’s duties will be rotated around the table to the left. So everyone gets a turn to draw and judge.
  5. Repeat this for 3 rounds. After the FINAL ROUND, each player VOTES for their favorite Covered Up drawing and awards that Artist an extra 3 points for each vote. Just add up the points that have been awarded and the player with the most points wins. That could be you, pervert!

MASTERPIECE VERSION (2 players or more):

We love this version because it’s so damned easy (just like -you guessed it- your cousin, Bethany)! Get rid of the timer (yeah, fuck that thing) and the points. You and a friend, or friends, or enemies, just draw some Dirty Pictures. Use the CARD RANDOMIZERS or don’t. Anything you want, you gross monsters. Then switch with each other and take all the time you need to Cover them Up and create your DPCU Masterpieces. Don’t forget to title them. The dumber the better!

Don’t be shy! Go ahead and share your work with us on Social media or our website. We love curating your filthy art! And there might be some more FREE STUFF in it for you!! Hint Hint.


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