Spring has sprung?!

Or are we just "over excited"??? We don't want to... come early...! (Bad jokes end here.) 🤪

But really, all of us at Team DPCU are just so ready for some warm sunshine and green buds on the trees. And new beginnings, a clean slate - after this hard period of time. You know?

Here in LA it has been so fun to see people gather in the parks on the weekends. We have seen baby showers, birthday parties, lunch meet ups, kid classes, workouts - you name it. You know what seems to be missing though? More game playing! So here is a fun challenge for you. Now that it is warming up a little.... meet up with some friends outside and bring a board game along. We might suggest DPCU, but bring whatever game you wish, no pressure. Make it a party! Laugh a little and remember that summer is just around the corner, ok? Summer and sunshine and hope. 

We got this.

Team DPCU ❤️