TGIF! Let's Play!

It's Friday! Remember Fridays?! You are sitting at your desk, at your work place, somewhere, anywhere, that is not your house, and you are just counting down the minutes till you can get the f'out of there and meet up with your friends for drinks or dinner or an awesome karaoke birthday - you remember?

We do... And since we are still stuck or newly re-stuck in our houses, our DPCU fans have been utilizing their time well. By getting the fam or room mates or neighbors or pod together for a night of DPCU! It sure does help the time go and it's pretty darn fun to.

If you don't believe us:

“LMFAO...Nothing better than seeing your friends or family figure out a way to cover up dirty picture and turn it into their own masterpiece! 5 Stars DPCU!!" - Balls Deep
“DPCU really helped me to understand that I’m a dirty pervert deep inside. But I’m not alone, so are my friends. I’ve never felt so understood.” - F Bunch


So get playing! It's Friday! And don't forget to send us your cover ups so we can show the world! Don't worry you can be anonymous...


Team DPCU 🤣