Who Likes Free Things?

What's up party people! Bryce Johnson here, creator of DPCU!

I am just so excited about this game coming to market! Not just because I hope it makes me and my friends extremely rich, but because in playing and developing this game over the past ten years, I know just how much fun it is to play! (Also, that “extremely rich” thing.)

One of the aspects I love most about DPCU is how hard people laugh while playing. I can honestly say I’ve never really experienced anything like that before, and I’ve played just about every game there is out there...  It's also such an incredible ice-breaker! While testing DPCU, my friends and I would invite all different kinds of people to play, especially people we didn't know. After playing the game with them, it was like we had been besties for years.

I really want you to experience this feeling too! We are in the perfecting phase of the game and will be taking pre orders in a month or two. But in the mean time we have developed a FREE Online Sample Version.

Please remember, this is just a sample version and does not contain all the elements of the game, but it will give you at taste of DPCU and just how much fun a dirty mind really is.

So grab some friends, meet over zoom or facetime or houseparty or messenger or 6 feet apart in your backyard: and get laughing. We could all need a good laugh right about now.

- Bryce