Work in Progress

Never a dull moment here at DPCU HQ, ie my kitchen counter...

This pandemic has really made a couple things clear:

  • If given the chance I will always wear yoga pants AT ALL TIMES. Like, always
  • I still can't make my own sourdough starter
  • I might be an alcoholic
  • Staying home with my family 24/7 is.... great
  • I now miss people I used to kind of hate

And most importantly - I have been able to work a ton on DPCU and make sure it gets put into production baby! Even though I don't even know when I will be able to play it in person, with anyone, other - than - my - family.... ever again.

So my friends stay tuned. Great things are coming your way. We will get through this. Even if we have to draw dirty pictures to do it, gosh darn it, we will!

Stay safe and please wear a mask!